The Hudson Litigation Award Protection Plan™


To ascertain and outline the optimal solution for use and protection of the settlement funds and to provide the client and the family with lifelong support and advice.

This is service as the core of what we do. It yields a truly comprehensive financial and risk management plan that is completely bespoke and specifically tailored to the needs of the injured/disabled. It incorporates all available government support programs and applies strategies to preserve benefits for as long as possible. It leverages our proprietary statistical aggregated data to factor in risks that the injured are more prone to than others.

No other financial planning company in Canada uses more injury-related data points than we do.

The Hudson Litigation Award Protection Plan™

Cashflow solutions

  • Debt retirement
  • Structured Settlement designed to fit the client’s and/or the courts’ needs
  • Government benefit preservation strategies
  • Investment-driven income solutions
  • Needs-based budgeting
  • Spousal income protection

Asset management

  • Vehicle and modification amortization and replacement schedule
  • Investment account management (RDSP, RESP, RRSP, TFSA, etc.)
  • Real estate (acquisition, modification, maintenance)

Risk management

  • Wills, POAs, marriage contract, cohabitation agreement
  • Guaranteed investment solutions with creditor protection
  • Analysis of internal and external risk factors and corresponding mitigation strategies

Tax planning

  • Disability Tax Credit, Child Disability Benefit, etc.
  • Annual filings prepared by disability specialist Chartered Accountant

Estate and trust planning for the family

  • Tax-efficient intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Henson Trusts, Living Benefits Trusts, Qualified Disability Trusts

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