Pre-settlement Financial Analysis Reporting


To equip plaintiff’s counsel with an objective and analysis-backed report that can be presented to the defense and/or the courts for the purpose of obtaining permission to create a financial structure that is in the client’s best interest.

This service answers the following questions and more.

How much of the award should be:

  • used to cancel debt
  • used to purchase a Structured Settlement
  • used to purchase real estate/pay off a mortgage
  • invested in higher-yielding instruments
  • placed in trust for a minor

This service is designed to produce a report for the plaintiff’s legal team that will illustrate the future effects of any imposed terms of settlement. It has been successful in preventing insurers from arbitrarily selecting an amount to be structured and has resulted in court-approved Asset Management Plans that provide far greater potential for growth while simultaneously providing asset protection and guarantees.

By comparing various options that outline what portion of an award should be used to retire debt and what portion should be invested in which financial instruments (e.g. Structured Settlements, investments funds, fixed-income products, etc.), these reports demonstrate which options will fail to meet the client’s needs and which will have the best chance of long-term success. Our analysis takes into consideration internal and external risk to the clients for the purpose of protecting both the client and the longevity of the award.

These reports have been successful in changing conditions imposed by insurers and have been approved by the courts in cases involving parties under disability.

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