The 3 critical needs of personal injury survivors

Is your client’s personal injury team complete?

Your client already has expert legal advice and medical advice, but do they have financial advice for their unique situation?

One of our Disability Finance Specialists™ can help protect your client’s financial interests at all stages after their accident. A specialist will:

  • Review your client’s assets and cashflow while on claim, helping to keep them afloat until settlement.
  • Prepare a report for submission to court for non-prejudicial plans that satisfy the SDA and the Bench’s needs for award preservation.
  • Create a custom strategic award protection plan for your client that focuses on risk mitigation and capital preservation to help protect and grow their settlement over the long-term

Who is the right Specialist?

If you’re injured, would you:

Ask a Real Estate Lawyer to represent you against your insurer?

No, you would hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Ask a Proctologist to assess your Acquired Brain Injury?

No, you would see a Neurologist.

Ask an Occupational Therapist for financial advice?

No, you would consult a Disability Finance SpecialistTM
Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in working with newly injured clients and their families, as well as their legal and medical teams, to ensure a wholistic approach to service for injured clients. Help your clients build the best team possible.

Contact us to book a 30-minute session to learn how we can help you get the best results for your clients.

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