Retirement, Estate, and Trust Planning

Effectively saving for retirement requires so much more than just how much Return On Investment (ROI) your savings can generate.

Increasing how much you can save each month, decreasing the amount of tax you pay each year, and decreasing the risk your assets and income are exposed to are all key to long term success in amassing the money required to live your desired lifestyle in retirement. Our experts leave no stone unturned in their efforts to help our clients achieve their retirement goals.

After retiring there are innumerable options for effectively drawing down assets, while continuing to safely generate growth and reduce tax exposure. Beyond this, tax-efficient transfer of wealth to heirs and charities ensures that loved-ones receive the maximum benefit, not the taxman.

Our retirement and estate planning experts are second to none.

In some cases, the best solution is a trust. We have a deep expertise in making these useful tools work for our high net worth and/or disabled clients. From Family Trusts to Henson Trusts and everything in between, we are an unparalleled source of information and planning resources.

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Retirement Planning

  • Pre-retirement asset growth and protection
  • Post retirement asset growth, protection, and distribution (income)

Estate Planning

  • Proper structuring and planning of wills and powers of attorney
  • Tax-efficient wealth transfer solutions
  • Charitable giving
  • Financial planning for the next generation

Trust Planning

  • Blind trusts
  • Family trusts
  • Inter-vivos trusts
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Qualified Disability Trusts (QDT)
  • Henson Trusts
  • Lifetime Benefits Trusts