Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes face a unique set of financial challenges.

When playing sports professional in different countries, how do  you handle some of these challenges?


Currency Exchange

Security of Foreign Banking Systems

Who Manages Affairs Back Home?

Also, the allure of the lifestyle displayed by elite level veterans of a sport can be very tempting and lead to poor financial habits.

Having a proper financial plan complete with goals and milestones as well as an injury/contingency plan can help keep pro athletes on track to a wealthy and comfortable retirement.

Retirement itself can present additional challenges.

What to do when the last big game is over is difficult question to answer for someone who has spent much of their adult life in a high-performance world?

Making well-informed decisions at this stage is crucial to protecting the wealth an athlete has accrued.

Our propriety system known as THE Sudden Wealth Solution® was developed specifically for athletes and leads them to a plan that will help them grow and protect the wealth they earn playing sports.

In addition, we provide financial, budgetary, trust planning, and money management services tailored to professional athlete’s needs.