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Company Bio

Court-approved settlement solutions built from the ground up.

Hudson Wealth and Trust Planning Group is a full-service financial planning company that specializes in working with the injured and disabled. Our experience with the injured, the Plaintiff’s Bar, and the courts has taught us that since the 2008 financial crisis wreaked havoc on interest rates, clients’ awards require more intricate solutions in order to outpace inflation, adapt to changing market and government-benefit conditions, and still be secure enough to pass the scrutiny of a judge.

100% of our plans that have gone before the courts have been approved.

Our expertise and experience in working with the injured over the years has facilitated an understanding of the unique risks that these unfortunate people and their families face. This is why all of our plans start with a deep analysis of risk and the creation of mitigation strategies. Just as the adage states, it is the defense that wins championships.

In addition to sound financial planning, we also provide a counselling service to help clients be financially efficient while on claim, and a settlement proposal analysis service designed to illustrate the best solution for the award and to prevent the insurer from forcing clients into unfavourable financial scenarios. For more detail please see below.

Service 1:

The Hudson Financial Assessment

Designed to help guide and support the client between the date of loss and the date of settlement, this service examines the client’s household budget and financial risk with the goal of keeping the client financially sound while in dispute with the insurer. If the client remains financially buoyant during this period, he/she will be less likely to accept a lowball offer to settle. The cost for this service is covered under the SABS and is fully recovered within one year in most cases.

Service 2:

Pre-settlement Financial Analysis Reporting

This service is typically engaged by the legal team and is designed to produce expert analysis of the effects of terms imposed by the defense in a settlement offer and compare them to alternatives. For example, if the insurer insists that some percentage of the ABs is to be structured for the purpose of reversion, we will illustrate what that condition will mean to the client with regard to the longevity of the award. Knowing that the imposed conditions will mean that the money will run out before end of life is a powerful negotiating tool.

Service 3:

The Hudson Litigation Award Protection Plan

Our core and longest standing service for the injured, The HLAPP™ is an immensely detailed financial and risk management plan for the client and the client’s family. In this, we go to great lengths to examine risk and build mitigation strategies and craft detailed budgets and asset management plans to give the client the best possible results from the award. In most cases we can provide this service free of charge when the client appoints us to manage the assets.